Our Vision

Teaching and Learning Excellence

The Early Outreach Program (EOP) places a strong focus on excellence as the foundation, method and product of the program. Keeping steadfast with this logic, the Early Outreach Program is continually discovering and practicing inventive approaches to recruit and retain students by applying research on best-practices in academic pipeline inductions and K-12 student experiences. We recognize that skilled and passionate instructors are fundamental to our effort and our administrators and teaching associates – made up of UIC graduate students, current public and private school teachers, and retired teachers – are committed to this philosophy of excellence in order to provide positive teaching-learning outcomes for students.


To recruit, introduce, effectively prepare, and graduate underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students in the health professions.


  • To help program participants succeed academically and socially in any grade level
  • To provide academic and technological resources and services to the global community through academic enrichment
  • To promote responsible academic inquiry, digital citizenship, critical thinking, and the expression of diversity
  • To serve the families and students by fostering an appreciation of literacy development, literacy activism, and lifelong learning