Welcome to the Early Outreach Program

We are the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)’s Early Outreach Program (EOP) – an academic pipeline program that facilitates the development of underrepresented K-12 minority students via educational enrichment in the core content areas of reading, math, and science. Since our conception in 1981, we have worked tirelessly to inspire independence, cultivate curiosity, and instill confidence in our students in order to help ensure their ability to matriculate into higher levels of education and ultimately health professions.

Our Values

  • Learning We empower students to learn more than they thought was possible

  • Empathy We care about students more then we care about test scores

  • Impact We celebrate student learning that improves our communities

  • Feedback We listen, iterate, and improve each session

Science Education Pathways in Health and Disease Prevention

The health awareness theme for 2019 is Understanding Health in Urban Populations and Social Determinants.

Overview: Social determinants of health (SDH) are important. “Failure to acknowledge, and more importantly, to understand the role of SDH in health and access to health and social services will hamper any effort to improve the health of the population” (Ompand, et al. 2007). Understanding how to improve health begins early. The pipeline for increasing the number of students interested in science fields begins in the formative years.

UHUP Goals:

GOAL 1 : Expand the number of students who enroll in UIC and ultimately pursue advanced degrees and careers in health and medical sciences professions and broaden the representation of Blacks, Hispanics, and American Indian populations in those fields.

GOAL 2: Expand the career ready workforce and broaden the representation of Blacks, Hispanics, and American Indian populations in that workforce.

GOAL 3: Increase awareness of health literacy issues and facilitate healthy decision making.

GOAL 4: Increase awareness of health activism as a concept and action for social change.

The Project-Based curriculum will present students with a project idea and essential questions that will allow them to learn through discovery. Students work in teams to create a final project. 

These Essential Questions and Project Based Learning activities will enable students to think critically about all aspects of food, various diseases, how to prevent them, and how socio-economic factors play a role in sickness and in health.

Early Outreach Program

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