“From a very young age my grandparents instilled me a very strong sense of respect. They also told me that failure is the result of not achieving your true potential. Because of what they taught me, I see getting reprimanded as a form of personal failure and take it quite heavily.

I am in a program devoted to taking students interested in science and  preparing them for the profession of their dreams. During my first  year in 7th grade I was reprimanded by the head of the program. We  were touring the grounds, where the program was being held, when he  noticed me falling behind in the tour line. To this day I’ll never  forget what he said to me when he approached me. He said “Stragglers  get left behind, you’ll never make it in this program,” and then he  went on his way. For him to have such a strong negative opinion about me, meant that I had failed already.

I was completely crushed and knew that I had to do something. I wanted him to see that he had been quick to judge me, but also knew  that my slip up allowed him to form the negative opinion. So in order  to show him that I was no failure and that I could make it, I had to  work harder than I ever had before. When the end of the summer came,  each trainee had to give a final presentation. It was my turn to give  my presentation when the head of the program walked in the room. I  knew this was my chance to show him of what I was capable! As soon as  I finished I looked over to him and he simply smiled and left the room.

Thanks to my personal failure I was able to transcend past my normal  limitations, own up to my failure, and hone my sense of perseverance.”

-Anthony Spearman, Student, Class of 2014.

My experience as a student at UIC Early Outreach has been amazing. I started last year and since then I have had the opportunity to meet many amazing people, Ms. Lewis, Ms. Valentine, Mr. Holston, and Sybel Sanchez, to name a few. I love that everyone is so warm, so open and sincerely care about you and your future”  Cristina Rodriguez, Class of 2014 I have been blessed to be a part of the UIC Early Outreach community. This program has gifted me with opportunities for knowledge to enhance my understanding of the health sciences. By surrounding me with educators that are passionate about their work, I have been able to develop a desire of my own to continue on into the health sciences.

 –Sylvia Edoigiawerie , Student (2014)

“UIC Early Outreach has impacted me in several ways: My son has been in the program from the age of seven (2nd grade until present). When my son first joined the program, he had the ability academically but his maturity level was that of a second grader.  The running joke was that he was Ms Kami’s “husband,” even tough, he spent the summer holding Ms Kami’s and, Dr. Urani and her staff embraced him and I feel that if it were not for the program where would we be today.  My son had to learn by some “hard knocks” that he is gifted and that whatever he put his mind to he could achieve it.  I wish more African   American children had the opportunity that we have had.  Where can a   fifth grader go today and perform surgery on a cadaver?  Yes, he removed a gall bladder at age 10!  He had numerous experiences (i.e., holding the human heart in his hand, dissecting a pig, learning math skills two to three years ahead of his classmates, and having the opportunity to attend Temple University for the summer.  No, my child was not an angel, but Dr. Umrani, her staff worked with him for ten years, and today we see a mature young African American Man on his way to pursuing a higher level of education.    Yes, he loves science and he will receive an undergraduate degree in Business Management and a pharmacy degree! 

I would like to thank Dr. Umrani for not putting my son out of the program. Like I said, he was not an angel all the time. I hope that you, Dr Umrani will continue to use your gifts from God to mold and shape our lives.  As a first time mother, you have taught me patience, endurance, and to always believe in God and he will direct my path!     God’s Speed!”

–Z. Helen TriglethAnderson Brandon TriglethAnderson, Parent & Student (2012)

“While being at the UIC Early Outreach Program since third grade and seeing everyone grow up is just astonishing. I have not only learned a quantized amount of academic ability, but have learned a lot about life. Working together as a family and experiencing the great bonds of friendship that we all create is what UIC has emphasized, for all of us, all these years. I have made a pocket full of lifetime friends and interacted with teachers full of wisdom and integrity that UIC has to offer. I am proud to say that I am privileged to be part of this program.”

–Nathanial Ng, Student (2012)

“The UIC Urban Health/ Early Outreach Saturday College/HMSEI Program has enhanced my understanding of the current school term subjects, math and science, and at the same time, has prepared me for the following year academically. This program also creates many young academic leaders and individually, I need to bring that characteristic to wherever I may go. The teachers are well educated and assist in every type of way. I regret taking a leave from the program for two years because I believe this program is very beneficial for whoever may find interest in it. If my parents were aware of this program as I was a young child, I would have no problem participating. I would highly recommend this program to students in search of academic enhancement.”

–Gregory L Barnes Jr., Student (2012)

“The UIC EOP has been a wonderful program which has helped my daughter grow not only academically but emotionally.  UIC EOP has been an important part of my daughter’s life since it has inculcated her to believe that even when she’s a female and a minority she can go to college.  It has taught her that educating herself it’s the best thing she can do for herself and that her talents can contribute in making this world a better place to live. “

–Blanca Montes & Vianney Rocha, Parent & Student  (2012)

“It has informed me better about the different careers in health sciences, and a clearer understanding of myself interests to study in college. Not only has it given me a huge academic benefit to my life, but also so many new connections between people. I know now what i really want to study once i graduate from high school.  I want to study nutritional sciences and pursue a career in pharmacy.”

–Emma Lopez, Student (2012)

“I’ve  grown up wanting to be a veterinarian but for what reason? I wouldn’t know. Through the UIC Urban Health program it allowed me to explore the diverse science fields that are out in the world. It was through the labs that we did and the projects that we had to perform that i knew my interest in the vet field was not the future i saw myself in. I knew from personal information and the experiences that UIC offered me, it allowed me to set my goals high and become an optometrist. If it wasn’t for the experiences and knowledge that was given to us through this program i wouldn’t know where my interest would have brought me. For these reasons i thank the UIC Urban Health program.”

–Anthony Wong, Student (2012)

“I wish to applaud you and your staff for the wonderful job that you are doing with your academic support programs. Our students enjoy participating and the additional academic support is beneficial to them. We hope these programs continue.”

–Betty J. Greer, Principal 

“For six years I participated in Saturday college. A lot of people have asked me why I go to school on Saturday… I came here to take accelerated courses, but it is not only the higher learning that motivated me to come , it is my classmates. Out relationships have transformed from mere acquaintances to that of family … I appreciate the UIC workers for their hard work and common drive to help motivate us to“expand our mind and expand our options” …I feel that as long as you work hard to achieve your goal and keep your focus, you will have no trouble overcoming obstacles -you will realize your dream…”

–Lina Ngo, Student (2012)

“My name is Salvador Pelayo. I am a straight “A” student at Lane Technical High School. I am ranked #1 in a class of 1187. I have been in the Saturday College Program for two years and the summer science camp for two years. I really love Early Outreach”

– Salvador Pelayo, Student

“My son Dwight Harris, Jr, is currently enrolled in the Saturday College Program, He has also attended theSummer Prep Program. Both Dwight and I have found the UIC programs helpful in enriching his education.We look forward to continuing to be a part of the Early Outreach “

–Linda R. Harris, Parent

“Thanks to the UIC Summer Prep program, my son Antonio is now an honor roll student. His brother, whodid not attend the program is still struggling to make good grades “

–Margaret Spiller, Parent

 “What I liked the most about the program was the quality staffing, the administration, the academic professional background of classroom instructors , our kids being challenged , the multicultural and multiracial student mix background , and the morning drop off system. Keep up the good work.”

–Parent (2009)

“Best money spent ! Great program ! You definitely get your money’s worth and more.”

–Parent (2009)

“I am 100% sure that I want my children in this program . They learned and reviewed many interesting things. Thank you for everything .”

–Parent (2009)

“I was impressed with how the children handled themselves and the materials they learned . My son was very excited about learning science .”

–Parent (2009)

“My daughter has learned a lot and had fun while doing it. I am very pleased with the structure of the program .The children were well prepared for the science fair.”

–Parent (2009)

“There are many things I like, but my favorite was seeing and hearing how excited my child was about learning .”

–Parent (2009)

“The program is academically challenging . The diversity is a plus. The teachers are very well qualified and the discipline structure is what children need in an educational setting. This program gives my child an edge and an insight on the fall school curriculum.”

–Parent (2009)

“This is an excellent program for children . It is important for refreshment and enrichment .”

–Teacher (2009)