An Early Start for Resilient Students

Academic Success Formula

Formal Classroom Education + Field Trips + Project-Based Learning + Sustained Student Participation + Parent Engagement + Introduction to Health Sciences = College and Career Success

Student Experience

The University of Illinois at Chicago is a place where students ages 5+, educators, and families exist in an academically supportive environment. Here students have the right, opportunity, and support needed to pursue their academic interests while being challenged, taught how to think critically. Students learn to respect and work in concert with each other. The Early Outreach Program will attract families seeking exclusive and unique opportunities designed to provide students with a foundation for future success in higher education and next generation careers. The Early Outreach Advantage provides students with academic enrichment, team-building skills, ACT & SAT test preparation, and support that will enable them to compete in a global society and to positively impact the communities in which they live. Our STEM Focus initiative puts science, technology, engineering and math at the forefront of our vision and activities; however, students also benefit from the opportunity to enjoy a selection of extracurricular activities during program sessions such as the art of mime, media arts, and music technology. Students also participate in College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing, and College of Dentistry conferences as well as utilize the campus recreational facilities.

Course Setting

  • Extensive time is spent in the classroom studying two subjects with an interdisciplinary focus
  • Courses are tailored to address students’ strengths
  • Students are empowered to advocate for themselves and request help when needed
  • Course instruction is 1½ to 2 years above grade level


In an effort to incorporate key characteristics of successful K- 12 academic pipeline best practices, the Early Outreach Program has the following features:

  • Parent participation required in Saturday Enrichment Program sessions
  • Parent attendance required at Parent Orientation and Student Presentations
  • Program participation with schools and the UIC community to increase public awareness of our academic program offerings
  • UIC Graduate students and professional students as co-instructors and facilitators
  • Collaborative partnerships with UIC colleges of Medicine, Applied Health Science, Pharmacy, and Dentistry

Student Demographic Analysis 2017