The University of Illinois at Chicago Early Outreach Program is a pre-college academic pipeline initiative that offers a Saturday Enrichment Program and summer learning experiences that inspire independence, curiosity, confidence, leadership and collaboration. We consider our students’ diversity to be an asset. We understand and capitalize on our students’ cultures, abilities, resilience, and effort. The Early Outreach Program was created more than three decades ago to retain, educate, and graduate ethnically underrepresented student populations to achieve success in health care professions. Our mission to design a rigorous yet accessible program has spawned a set of values that drives everything we do:

  • Learning – we empower students to learn more than they thought was possible
  • Empathy – we care about students more than we care about test scores
  • Feedback – we listen, iterate and improve each session
  • Impact – we celebrate student learning that improves our communities

Our six-week summer programs provide academic reinforcement and emotional and social support for students during the summer break. Students take part in fun activities at the UIC Recreational Center, attend exciting Friday field trips, and recharge themselves and get acquainted with peers during lunch!

Summer Prep engages 1st – 8th grade students in health sciences theme-related learning experiences.

Health Sciences Enrichment Program (HSEP) for 9th – 12th grades are designed to develop skills in writing, media literacy, and research.

The Saturday Enrichment Program (SEP) for 5th – 12th grade student scholars operates from September to April each year.  This culturally inclusive program, more than 30 years in existence, provides instruction in (English Language Arts, Math, and Science) and standardized test prep instruction.

A goal of the Saturday Enrichment Program is to increase the percentage of under-represented minority students who are college and career ready. All students who apply for admission are required to take the Academic Placement Exam in September.

The health science theme for 2018 is CANCER and CANCER RESEARCH. The Project-Based curriculum will present students with a project idea and essential questions that will allow them to learn through discovery. Students work in teams to create a final project.

The Saturday Enrichment Program operates October 7, 2017 – March 31, 2018. Classes are on Saturdays from 8:15am – 12:45pm. Cost: $65 non-refundable application fee. Program fees: $400 non-refundable. Students grades 5th – 12th are eligible to apply.

To apply for 2018 Summer Programs click here.